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TradeConnex - Trade Finance Service Via Internet

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TradeConnex - Trade Finance Service Via Internet

Post  Admin on Sat Oct 16, 2010 8:47 pm

An innovative web-based trade finance service offering a comprehensive suite of conventional trade finance products online.

Import Letters of Credit

Apply for issuance and amendment of LCs; perform enquiries, follow-up and provide further instructions on LC transactions. The Bank can also send any information on existing LCs such as advices of discrepancies or payments.

Export Letters of Credit

Receive on-line notification and performs enquiries on export LCs.

Banker's Guarantees

Apply for issuance, renewal and amendment of Banker's / Counter Guarantees, performs enquiries and follow up on the guarantees issued.

Financing Request

Request for Trade Financing for local and foreign trade transactions; perform enquiries, follow up and provide further instructions on financing request transactions.
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