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Maybank's dedicated business portal offering a broad spectrum of web-enabled cash management solutions for enterprise customers - Cash Management Solutions BACC01_120810_lg

  • Simplify your business workflow through automation
  • Process multiple transactions in batches or at one go without compromising on speed
  • Secured transmission via Secured Socket Layer and hassle-free access using Digital Certificate
  • Carry out your business banking anytime, anywhere
Financial solutions on - Cash Management Solutions 01_InfoActiv120810 Enables real-time information of account activities, balances and statements with an option to download, view, save and print them.


View end-of-day balances, loan balances and floats information for all your transactions and access Current Account, Corporate Current Account, Foreign Currency Account, Islamic Current Account and Foreign Bankers Nostro Account.


Access banking statements such as Account Statements, Interest Statements, Merchant Reports and Payee Corp Reports anywhere and anytime at your convenience.

Electronic Advices

View credits and debits made to your accounts through Electronic Advices. Access for GIRO, RENTAS, Foreign Telegraphic Transfers (TT) and Foreign Bills advices, available daily.

Cheque Book Management

Make cheque book requests and cancellation, cheque stop request and cheque status inquiry

Company Portfolio Management

Manage your company's total portfolio with the bank by leveraging on a holistic view and complete knowledge of your accounting position to make strategic decisions for your business.

SWIFT Messages

Convert bank statements to Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT) messaging format. - Cash Management Solutions 02_PaymentConnex120810

Make payments electronically to the beneficiary accounts through Intrabank, GIRO and RENTAS payment gateways.

HR Pay

Transmit payroll of staff salaries, bonuses, commissions and claims reimbursement online. Automatically credits employer or employee contributions to statutory bodies i.e. EPF, SOCSO and Zakat.

Ancillary Pay

Manage file based payments to partners, vendors and suppliers online. (Third Party Payment, Foreign Currency Payment, Loans Repayment and Cards Payment)

More services - Cash Management Solutions M2e
FAQs - Business Simplicity We Deliver

Q1. What is ?
Q2. Are the services available 24 hours a day?
Q3. Are the services available on weekends?
Q4. Can we access 24 hours a day? My holding company in New York wishes to check the funds position in Malaysia?
Q5. What are the minimum system requirements?
Q6. How can my organization benefit from the services?


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